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had 2 books published since last update. I'd be very happy if you read either/both of them :D
 'Fragments of Monroe' a novel.
'Texas Hold'em Online Micro Stakes,' a book about poker.
Both are available to order via Amazon. Author Soth Moon

Fragments of Monroe is about a woman named Alice Krouw who has a type of Hyperthymesia, an obsessive memory - she can recall conversations, and the accompanying emotions that she felt, from a year ago, ten years previously, even from her childhood. These recollections are vivid and consuming. She further claims to recall past lives. She remembers living as Marilyn Monroe. 
Alice is a natural, instinctive shaman. She drifts between this physical common reality and the astral worlds. Her immediate task is to reconcile the scattered pieces of her soul in order to become a healthy, whole person. The most prominent of those pieces is that which corresponds with Monroe. She immerses herself in a magical task; to draw the fragment that remains of Monroe, something like a psychic record, into herself and to unite with it. 
Once this is done Marilyn then takes prominence so as to cement her personality in the physical realm and to bind with Alice. She tells us her story; her life and her death. 
One thing that I wanted readers of the novel to wonder about was the question: are Alice's claims true, or is she suffering from some kind of psychosis? It is up to the readers to decide this for themselves.

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